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#1 Google search. Check map sensor.

I'd pay that idle no mind.

What's the tps in volts?

Smoke means something is burning. Check for leaks and turbo shaft play. My guess is oil.
MAP sensor is fine. I checked MAP sensor and also gave it a new one anyway.
Ran the car idle for about 5 mins before it started to overheat BADLY like up to 250+. first thing to glow red was the Turbo Exhaust manifold. That's where the smoke was coming from. Also, have a coolant leak near the lower coolant hose but I know the hose is good. Maybe it's a bad thermostat or maybe water pump ? I have an extra water pump on hand and I ordered a new thermostat it'll be in tomorrow.

It does have an oil leake as well looks like it's coming from the lower back mid section of the engine could it be an oil line to the turbo ?
It's making chattering sounds from where the turbo is as well. But the blades spin perfectly fine.
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