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Need to see if all of the inputs to the BB are still connected. Also telemetry mode must be off as the BB uses OBII data from the stock PCM. This applies for the AEM EMS that is plug and play. If you have a different set up then it may or may not work. Most of the info you seek is in the BB manual. If that doesn't help I'd suggest to contact n2mb. I have spoke with Jay in the past and he is really helpful.

I find it odd that your tuner didn't set up the boost up via the ems. A MBC is kinda cheesy when you have an advanced device under the hood.

Are you using the serial data stream gauge from AEM?

Edit: just looked at the factory manual. Looks like the BB uses the PCI bus from the OBD connector. I know that the ems will send either obd data or telemetry data over the SCI transmit line. I have no idea what is transmitted over the PCI line.
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