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I was pretty happy. the new carbon fiber driveshaft did help up my hp transfer a bit. you notice it even more on the street. I had no problems knocking otu some guy in a new vet over the weekend, so life is good :p

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Ahah... showed the C5 some tail lights?

Armond, I want to see that car back at the track again and I want you to video tape that mean ass launch.

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I am taking it to the track on the 29'th (the ga 3kgt guys are having a little "high end import bash" at the track). Hopefully someone will have a video camera. I hope I can get teh car to turn a 12.50. that would make my day :p. maybe I can even ge tthe avenger down the track this time. I go tmy 1 piece passenger (long) axle back.......and honesly......"i" don't even think I can break this one :p.

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1. American Sunroof Co. Moonroof:
2. 35% Llumar window tint
3. HYPER SUPER WHITE head/ EUROLITE fog Lite bulbs:
4. Sony/Kenwood stereo system:
5. Intrax Lowering springs:
6. Streetglow neon tube and custom Trunk trim:
7. True colored glass replacement interior bulbs:
8. Quality Laser sim. Carbon fiber dash kit.:
9. HRC 3" Eliminator Downpipe :
10. Grant sim. Carbon fiber styling ring:
11. White gauge faces:
12. PPG Trends White HVAC stickers:
13. OBX foot pedal covers:
14. Cusco E-brake button:
15. Crimegaurd 533I alarm:
16. Autometer quadruple pillar gauge mount:
17. Autometer Gauges (air/fuel, EGT, Oil temp, IAT 2 stage, fuel pressure, oil pressure, boost)
18. Gracer seat belt pads:
19. Custom interior paint:
20. Custom fog light wiiring:
21. Greddy Power extreme Exhaust (custom 3"):
22. HRC catalytic converter:
23. Koni yellow shocks:
24. MSD Sparkplug wires:
25. optima Red battery:
26. Pilot Motorsports strut tower bar:
27. Greddy oil cap(powdercoated):
28. pilot motorsports rear tie bar:
29. Suspension Techniques sway bars:
30. Pace setter shifter:
31. Seneca "Sport" wheels:
32. Falken FK-451 GR-B tires:
33. Axxis metal master brake pads:
35. SMC stainless steel brake hoses:
36. Folia tec brake caliper paint:
37. 97 Supra turn signals:
38. Dynomat on trunk lid:
39. Raybrig bright bulbs:
40. Folia Tec valve stem caps:
41. Greddy Shift Knob (powdercoated):
42. Energy suspension hyperflex complete bushing kit:
43. Clutchmasters stage 4 clutch:
44. Quaife Differential:
45. Greddy Turbo timer and harness:
46. Neuspeed Strut tower bar:
47. Prothame Motor mounts:
48. Autometer gauge cups and Bezel:
49. Unorthodox Racing Underdrive pully:
50. AEM cam Gears:
51. ARP Head Studs:
52. MSD Blaster Coils:
53. Stainless Steel valves:
54. Crane valve springs and retainers:
55. Head port polishing, valve port opening, o-ring instal, port matching:
56. Lightened/knifed-edged crankshaft:
57. Greddy Profec A boost controler:
58. Gude Throttle body:
59. Perform-o-flex hoses and assorted fitings:
60. Carbon fiber hood:
61. Paxton fuel filters:
62. Greddy Oil filter relocator kit:
63. Moroso Oil accumulator:
64. Extrude honed intake manifold:
65. Port/enlarge intake manifold:
66. MSD Programable DIS-2:
67. Stealth Turbo Fuel Pump:
68. MSD dual tach adapter:
69. Greddy Air/fuel ratio gauge:
70. NOS bottle heater:
71. Autometer NOS gauge:
72. Calmap software:
73. Greddy Large core Intercooler
74. Aerospeed overfill tanks
75. Greddy Radiator cap:
76. MotoRad 160 Degree thermostat
77. Fluidyne Radiator:
78. Front lower tie bar:
79. APC Fire Extinguisher:
80. Greddy Oil catch can(powdercoated):
81. Greddy 13 row oil cooler:
82. chromed/coated I/C pipes:
83. Playstation 2 and accesories:
84. Greddy Air Filter Adapter:
85. NOS bottle blanket:
86. hood insulation:
87. Greddy Airnix Air filter:
88. Cold air pipe:
89. Nitride Treated Crankshaft
90. JE Pistons:
91. Hastings Piston Rings:
92. Crower Connecting Rods:
93. RC 720 CC injectors:
94. Greddy Profec remote switch:
95. HRC Stage 5 Turbosystem:
96. Paxton fuel pressure gauge:
97. Paxton GSS Fuel pump:
98. Paxton Fuel Pressure regulator:
99. Greddy Type S BOV:
100. Crane Turbo camshafts:
101. Stinger Alternator:
102. Clevite 77 Main and Rod bearings
103. AMD 800 PC
104. OBD2 scan tool
105. Peripherial 5.6" monitors
106. Power converter:
107. NOS Pro fogger Kit
108. NOS Purge valves x2
109. PIAA 959Fog Lights
110. 2001 PT Cruiser liters and rocker arms
111. Solid Front Motor Mount:
112. Modified Fuel rail:
113. The Drivehshaft Shop stage 2 axles
114. Split Second VC-2
115. NOS progressive nitrous controller
116. Westach egt gauge and probe (x4)
117. Ground Control coil-overs

and a few other things I haven't had time to list.

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This is the oldest thread I could find, so... to the top I say!

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So you could post in it, and I could see that nice round ass in your avatar!
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