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My Big Turbo Checklist...

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Watup fellas....trying to get the right idea if i ordered everything correctly lol...check it out...

My 50 Trim Turbo........

Compressor Specs:
-50 trim compressor wheel
-0.60AR compressor housing
- Flow Rate 46lb/min

Turbine Specifications:
-Stage 3 turbine wheel
0.63A/R. turbine housing
-4 bolt standard turbine discharge

CHRA Specifications:
-360 degree thrust bearing standard.
-Oil cooled&lubricated center section.

So I got the:
50 Trim
Kinetic Manifold
AGP Dump Tube
TiAl Wastegate (with 14lb spring)

I STILL NEED 750's, clutch, Big turbo o2 housing, balance shaft removal, (MABEY THE DCR OIL PUMP KIT),

Im not too sure which fittings and lines ill need, so if someone could help me with taht it would be great.

I plan to run the 14lb spring in there for a few weeks till the turbo breaks in and my clutch comes in. Plus im still on stage 1 injectors. once the 750's and clutch come in, ill prolly go up to 20 to 22 psi or so!

I also plan to get the DCR balance shaft removal kit soon too for when i get closer to 400 hp. S

So these are all my mods currently, if anyone sees anything else i may need for the big turbo, please let me know!..thanx

Walbro 255 Pump
Fuel Return Line
Stage 0 PCM
Stage 2 Injectors
DCR Top End Oil Mod
Custom Coldside Pipe
Stock o2 Housing
Maxxfab Downpipe and Side Exit (with cat)
AGP Dog Bones
AEM Wideband
MSD Wires
Plugs gapped at .32
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for 400 horses a new intercooler would be a good idea
completely forgot that :stab: ....well thats a cheap mod since they go between 200 and 400 bux..:clap:
Hope you have better luck with your kinetic manifold than I did. I went through 2.....kept cracking.
46lp/min?....garret is 49/min and turbonectics is 50/min.
cleanSRT said:
completely forgot that :stab: ....well thats a cheap mod since they go between 200 and 400 bux..:clap:

Keep us posted on your progress. You had some pretty good posts on another thread about big turbo's so I curious to see how you set up works out. Just curious tho, why piece it together when you could just do the AGP stage 4 kit and call it a day? What advantages will you get putting it together compared to the AGP kit?

Not questioning your process, I'm getting the Big turbo itch again so I want as much info and as many view points As I can get.
well i saved alot of money.....i got the manifold for cheap, the wastegate from a friend for cheap, and ive had a few friends do the 50 and 60 trim instals on their cars so i really didnt break the bank that much.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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