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MPx Intercooler Pics Any1?

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Hey... I just ordered my MPx Intercooler, and i wanted to see how it looks on the SRT-4.... I have a Silver Srt so that would be the best, but any1 with this type of intercooler please post pics.. THANKS!
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c'mon man, first i made a thread with Nothing but intercoolers. Then theres a thread in MPx's section, Then theres the search button. My car is even on modern performance's website. =\\

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*Battle Worn* :rofl:

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nice pics.. any silver srtS?
just ordered mine today, they look sexy!!
yup.. i ordered mine today as well.. hopefully they come in on friday, so i can get the front mount, and alcohol injection installed at the same time =0
cmon lets get some more pics!!!
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