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Mopar Value-line brake pads worth it?

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I usually go with OE pads an rotors but money is tight these days and I'm wondering if the Mopar Value-line pads might be a good alternative. From what I've read they are a different compound and may dust more but what I'm more concerned with is the "bite". Is there a dramatic difference between the two? I understand that these won't be as good as the stockers. Are these equivalent to a set of generic pads from Napa or Autozone?

Comments? Opinions?
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Bump. Anybody?
To be honest with you I'm really not sure. However, i can make an educated guess that there is more metallic compounds in the pads to make them cheaper.

I'm sure they wont stop as good as OEM once they get heated up, but that all depends on what your using them for, aka road racing and so on. I drive tons of customers cars with the value line brakes and never really notice any difference. Unless of course they are freshly installed. They might squeal a little more though once wet or heated up.

Are your rotors that worn out of spec that you cant machine them?

I'm interested in these also. I called my local dealer about rotors since they seem to be an endangered species in the automotive world. He quoted me approx. $75ea front and $64ea rear for rotors. In addition, they only quoted the Mopar value-lined pads at $55.08 for front set and same price for rear set. Obviously, the dealer doesn't stock them either like the rest of the world but they would only take a day or two if ordered.
ill sell you the value line front pads i have for 25 shipped :) decided to go with hawk performance pads :)
Went and bought fronts already from the guy you probably bought yours from. ;) I'll probably buy the rears from S&P.
Let us know how they feel to you. I'm kinda curious as to whether or not they stop the same as well because I'm probably gonna need brakes here soon myself. I believe though that they advertise them to stop as well as OEM just a different material make up. Not sure though.

I'm in the market for new pads so I'm resurrecting this thread to see if anyone has tried the v-lines and how they compare to the oem pads.. which are spectacular imo.

But I'm not too exultant about the inflated price of the oem's.... $ 200 a set

And no Hawk's for me
Stow... so you've tried both or you bought the oem's and are saying the v-line's are the same as the original pads.

If you tried both ... how do they compare
James @ S&P has said they are the same.

For the OEM units you are essentially paying for all the testing and certifications so that the vehicle's published times are accurate. The v-lines are essentially mopar making their own aftermarket pads that don't have to have all the certifications despite being made to the same standards.
yeah , I saw that in James's section

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