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**Mopar Stage 1 FIX (Not Starting?) **

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Just got off the phone with UniqTwin and she is working hard on a solution for the problem some are haveing with the stalling and not starting problem. There is going to be a meeting tomorrow morning about it, and she asked me to get info for her....

She needs:

Your Name
Phone # ( and best time to contact you )
Name of Dealer you ordered it from

You can either PM me or send me an e-mail. [email protected]

She is making calls and trying to find out why and how this happend so they can fix it, So please be patient and It will be taken care of ASAP.

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whoa, killer, way too much going on at once here.
New fuel pump
New engine harness
Turbo timer
?Boost Controller?
Stage 1

I would start a new thread, listing the exact status of your car, mods in, not in, exact timeline of problem, what has been done. etc.

I'm pretty sure this is not a Stage 1 issue, but need more data. Also, where di you get your Stage 1, new or used, and from whom.
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quick questions

1. I read the whole thread but it seemed that all srt-4's were 03's and the posts were from last year...does anyone have any info on the stage 1 for the 04' the same problem still goin on...???...also, i went to my local dealer and asked them about the stage 1 and told them all i needed was the ECU...the poor old woman in the parts department didn't know what i was talkin about...she did, but had no idea if i could order just the ECU...and some douche bag told me that i needed to get the whole kit cuz the stage 1 comes with bigger injectors than the stock 04's injectors...i didn't think that was true...he isn't right, is he...???

2. WTF is a spring mod/"dollar mod"...i know i saw some pics but i can't seem to find them anywhere...would anybody in there right mind actually recommend this...???...also, i don't even know how to hook it up...if anyone can scrounge up those pics for me i would really appreciate it...
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To answer your first question. I have an 04 with the stage 1 and I am fighting the hard starts in the morning like some of these guys. The 04's already have the Stage 1 injectors in them so you would just need to get the Stage 1 ECU. Stage 1 kit for the 04 is just the ECU.

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4 months later-- too many stickies lol

i dont think anyone needs this one anymore
is this problem still going on i have stage 1 and im having the same problems???
i just installed my s1 and it wont start unless i pump the gas. if i step on the gas while its idling it will stall on me. I bought the pcm used and had it reflashed by flight systems with my vin#. I dont know what the hell is wrong
Who here is using a stage 1/stage 2 03-04 on an 05? Let me know and I think I might know what the problem is..
hey does anyone know any place that will reflash a used stage 1 to my vin. please let me know thanks
Have you tried ur local dealerships? If you have and they won't do it.. Search for FlightSystems I believe it's spelled...
If you need a PCM reflashed then the dealership can do it, if not Flight Systems.
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