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methanol ?

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putting a small amount of pure methanol in with the gas a bad idea?? been offered 2 liters/quarts of pure methanol if I choose to take it , to run at the track. if it's not a bad idea , how much would one want to use ratio wise with 91 octane gas , stage 0
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Alcohol does wonderous things for the various rubber-like parts (o-rings etc) of the fuel system.
yeah , thinking I'll pass on that then , not worth a 10th lol to fry your o rings
yea, good if you add that NOS stuff with Methanol in it...thats fine...but...straight methanol..definatley pass on that. Just use regular race gas to make about 108 octane...
You want methanol? Go buy a bottle of Heat.
Actually I was working at a gas station and the owner came out to pick up the stuff from the safe and brought his Vette. Through a bottle of heat in it like his machanic told him to do and filled the tank up. Then gave the keys to me and said take it for a ride. He then left and got about 5 minutes away and it died. I went picked him up and it got towed. Ended up the Heat melted all his injectors.
yikes , definitely a foolish idea then forsure , even worse than my "hrrrrrrrrrrrrm , should I try my winter tires at the track?" post lmfao
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