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OK, folks. Here's the deal.

I've seen countless people whining about the lack of availbility of projector headlights for the SRT-4. Ken from Rally Performance has been the ONLY VENDOR to step up and try to get some lights made for us, with a QUALITY projector and rock-solid housing.

Now, WHERE are the people that have been whining? We only need a handful of the people interested to make a deposit of a mere $40 ASAP.

So, come out of the woodwork, and send Ken some of your rusty money so that those of us that have been waiting 2-3 months can wait another month of so and actually see headlights. $40 !! That's all it takes to reserve the ONLY quality projector headlight for the SRT-4 that's even in research and development.

Get off your asses :wah?!: and make your deposits.
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