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No billet shafts remain, but I have a very large collection of T850 parts, some NOS CE interior parts (Steering wheel, shift boot, door sills, floor mats, etc), BW EFR7670 setup, lot of SRT4 NOS parts, PIAA fog lamps, toys, PCMs, DSS axles, hood, bumper, wheels, and more. I am probably going to just offer it up a a single large lot. It should all fit in a van, trailer, or possibly in a long bed pickup (with lots of straps and tarps). There are a lot of hard to find parts in there.

I have a 2005 Neon that I SRT4 swapped in 2006. Two years ago, I converted it to a 41TE automatic. The trans was gone through, and beefed up wherever possible. Turbobay BWS v2.0, ED Superbeast FMIC, 3" exhaust, ACR wheels, KW v2 Coilovers (need rebuilt), Caliber SRT4 seats, RB1 nave w/6DVD changer and flip down screen in rear, tinted windows, probably a ton more that I am not thinking about. Car is clean, no rust but paint is shot. Interior is about perfect, still. Has been my daily driver. I might think about parting with it, separately from these parts. TBH, it's a great daily, and it would be hard to let it go. Pics of the car when it was more in its glory attached.
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After nearly 25 years of working with the PL chassis, I have moved onto other platforms, and my days with performance neons is about at a close. I will put up a new thread with what is left, but again, I am going to look for it to leave here as a lot.
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