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Manual Boost Controller

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Follow link to check out manual BC. It could be cheesy, but maybe not.
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:? About the only thing I would put that thing on is my lawnmower, If it was huffed!!
This design is very complicated and cannot be replicated because of some hidden machining that some people are not aware of. This is the secret to my design. I am lowering my shipping price so that you will not get a piece of junk and blow up your car!
[Dr. Evil] Rrriiiggghhtt..... [/Dr. Evil]

Just build your own, and do like VV said, on the open end, place a hose and a clamp, so you can adjust your boost. Same thing as above, but plastic, cheaper, and you don't get some line of bullshit with it :)

BTW, I don't condone overboosting. Be careful.. Don't blow your motor.
Cool. I just ordered one for my (slightly larger) lawnmower… I’ll let you know how it goes after the install. I just couldn’t resist… especially with clever claims like “internal workings were not made by elves at the North Pole”

And before people start flaming me - $20 is worth the time spent in Home Depot, aquariums and K-Mart searching for parts. At least I think so –

Who knows, maybe I’ll get lucky and get ripped off… It never gets arrives, I don’t install it & blow my warranty and motor at the same time. :)
Yea I just ordered one as well.. GOt mine for $18 shipped.. puhahaha!

I'll let you guys know how it goes.
boy am I embarrassed

Ok, so I ordered one to tide me over until I could afford my TurboXS HPDSBC.
:oops: You know what? I know the whole "secret machining blah blah blah" part is BS, but it actually works pretty well. I have spikes of 1-1.5 psi. Not too bad.
I'm not saying your idiots or anything. But it'd take 10 min at Ace to build one. Yes, these are metal, more durible, and possibly able to handle heat better. You can adjust them easier, etc... It will probably work fine. Just don't blow your engines. Remember, safty first!
youi could build your own for less
Don't bother, ACR. They won't listen. If it doesn't cost $everal hundred dollar$ and it's not made of billet-something-or-other with a LCD display it MUST be junk!
So I got mine in the mail today. The seller has crappy communication skills, never emailed me once. Bastard!

I took it apart here are the pics

So I guess it does use spring and ball. Well I'm going to install it tomorrow and see how it goes.

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better teflon tape or paste those fittings or they'll leak. I prefer the paste.
Well I put it on today and went out for a little ride.

All I gotta say is this MBC SUCKS! :x

It spikes like a buncha pro volleyball players. I am boosting 13.5 - 14 psi and it'll spike to about 16 psi. I'm thinking maybe if I got a hold of a spring that is not as stiff maybe that'll help some.

Heck maybe i'll just go bleeder valve.

I mean I guess I do feel a difference using the butt dyno and I can hear the turbo spooling now. Grr.. disappointed, but would should I expect. :x

Want a good manual boost controller?

If you want a good manual boost controller from a guy who really knows turbos go here:

I have had one of his manual boost controllers on my daytona turbo I for over 2 years with no problems (knock on wood). He really knows his stuff, and sends great directions with it. He is also quick to answer emails. These early turbo dodge guys are 'enthusiats' in every sense of the word. If you are going the manual boost controller route check him out. (One of the guys who was/is on the fwd dodge mailing list had a 12 second early 90's chrysler mini-van hah!) You think beating someone who thinks its just a 'neon' is cool - try beating a C5 with a 300hp 20psi soccer mom mini van. Instant hilarity.

Go here and look in the top left corner to see the mini fryin tires:

I don't tune my car anymore - after I finish college in a year I'll be getting an SRT-4 :)
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This is a bleeder.

Mine came yesterday and in addition to the ball & spring there is a small hole drilled in it (Can't see in the above pics) that will bleed off air to atmosphere once installed.
Spike is commen on this turbo setup being that is spools up super fast.
Mike B. said:
Don't bother, ACR. They won't listen. If it doesn't cost $everal hundred dollar$ and it's not made of billet-something-or-other with a LCD display it MUST be junk!
I never said an MBC was junk, just that it was ghetto :p
This thing is junk.

The threads are marred so I can't close it down enough to raise the boost over the 4 psi that the WG actuator will activate at.

Crud, I'm down $20 now.

Oh well, on the bright side it still runs mid 13's at the stock 12 psi.
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