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that would be sweet tho dude post vids if you do it but dont neons take a little time to click on?

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what you could do is t in to your parking lights power wire....that way they will blink also. And just put a switch in line with the power wire to the street glows. That way you just leave the switch on and lights will blink but when you want your street glows off, just flip the switch.

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i have done this in my truck... i will take pictures and a video tonight.
my truck is a 1998 GMC Sierra. when i lock it, the interior lights flash on
for about 1 second and then turn off. when i unlock, my courtesy lamps
(interior lights) come on and stay on until i turn the key or they time out,
which is about 30-45 seconds. i have the service manual that i bought
at pepboys for about 15 bucks. its the best 15 bucks i've ever spent. the
book has wiring diagrams and everything you could ever want. the way that
my ctsy lamps are is as follows:

+ ----- () ------- I/0 ----- #

my kit is not a true underbody kit or even name brand. i'm only 17 and school
takes the majority of my time so a job is not a big priority. (rents want me to
focus). Big Lots was having a major sell on 10 inch interior neons. they were
3 bucks a peice! i bought 8 of them, 3 for each side and 1 for front and 1 for
back. i wired all of them to one another and ran the wires into my engine bay.
these things are suprisingly bright for being only 3 bucks a peice. even though
the wires and bulbs are ghetto rig, the kit still wires up like normal:

+ ----- [][] ------- I/0 ------ #

the only way that i could figure out how to wire them to where the kit would
come on when the interiors came on, but the interiors not to come on with
the kit, is a diode in the wire. for those of you who dont know, think of a
diode as a kind of electrical gateway. it allows electricity to pass only one
way through the wire. most diodes are limited by a current of upto a certain
amperage. so, i ran a wire from in between the bulbs and switch on the ctsy
lamps to the wire between the kit and the kit switch. by doing this, i allowed
the kit to establish a ground from the ctsy lamps when they come and vice
versa. the latter of that is the unwanted effect. i dont want to be cruising
around with my kit, and the interiors on. so i need to put something in the
circuit that makes the electricity for the kit flow THROUGH the ctsy lamps
but not let the lamps establish a ground through the kit. i hope that this
drawing will help better explain what i am saying:

for the diode, i needed to be able to take a current of atleast 10 amps. just
to be safe, i went ahead and gave myself plenty of room. i went to
radioshack and bought 6 diodes that were rated at 3 amps each. i forgot
what voltage rating but it was enough. i soldered all 6 up in parallel because
in a parallel circuit R = R(1) + R(2) + R(3), in other words, the resistance is
equal to the sum of all resistances in the circuit. the diodes can resist up to 3
amps each, so that gives me a stopping power of 18 amps. the total cost for
all 6 diodes came to be under 5 bucks so real good price. if you wire them up
correctly according the diagram but just sub in w/e circuit u need instead of
the ctsy lamps, it should work. i will post pics and video of just exactly how
well this works. i hope that this helped. pics and video will be up in about an
hour. (sunset right now)

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Head out to any of your local stereo shops that carry street glow products and ask them for their opinion on how to do it. Around here the people are really helpfull about things like that. it wouldn't take long to find an easy way to do it, but if you know the basics of electronics, know how to use a voltmeter, and have some patience, you'll find a way to do it.

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Check out they have a whole section on relays and even a forum on that subject if you need to ask. Let us know what you find out cause now that you mention it this sounds like Something i wanna do to my neons also.
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