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Hello All,

Sorry about the length of this, but if u can take the time to read, I'd appreciate it!!

Ok, I don't know where to start but I'll start like this. I am a military member in Germany who purchased a Magnum SRT-8 in January of 2007. I've driven the car on the autobahn at high speeds on a few occasions and have enjoyed the ride. I really have no reason to lie but will be honest and would like some advice if possible. I’m having these problems and would like some insight:

1. I believe my odometer may have been manipulated by the local dealership where I can only take the car. First, is this possible and would they have the equipment to do so. (I had an issue before with this dealership) The mechanic told me that they do not have the equipment to even do this. If anyone knows if this is even possible, I'd appreciate some insight. I went to the dealership with a strange knocking sound that was happening when I would put the car in reverse and cut the wheel a hard left or right turn. I strongly believe that my miles were about 10,800 when I brought it in. When I picked it up, the mechanic said that I needed new brakes and rotors all the way around. I also took the car to them because my tires are almost bald, the vehicle is not a year old and I'm due for a yearly inspection in January 08. I called Goodyear about the warranty and they said I had to get the tires inspected by a certified Goodyear tire inspector.

2. I drove the car away yesterday from the dealership and now I have this constant squeaking sound from the tires when driving. When I called the dealership to inquire about the vehicle, they could not give me an exact answer as to what was wrong and they would have to compare the miles (that they stated 17,800 as of 5 Dec07, which I don’t' believe) with a Mercedes S Class or a BMW 750 series to see if its normal that they tires are almost bald and I need new brakes.

3. Here is my take on the miles: I had the vehicle at the American auto garage on the installation in June of 07 to have a 6000 mile service done, which included oil/filter change, 4 wheel tire balance/rotation, etc. They documented my miles at that time as 8,472. Now if the German dealership says my miles are currently 17,800, does it seem realistic to assume that since June of this year, I've driven 9,328 miles over almost 6 months?? From my perspective, I don't think so, because it’s just not possible. I've done some long distance driving, but this is very unrealistic to me.

4. I remember reading my odometer reading before I dropped the car off to the dealership as 10,880 miles on that day. Assuming this, over almost a 6 month timeframe, I see about 2,443 miles driven.

5. The dealer told me that I must have read the trip report reading and not the odometer, which I don't think is even possible, because you have to stop the car and go into the settings to display this. Even if I did read the trip report and not the odometer (which I don’t believe), this still does not explain the fact that the American shop documented my miles in June and what is the likelihood of driving 9,328 miles over almost 6 months? From my personal perspective, I couldn't have.

6. Any insight or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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