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Maddog STS Model 58-4.....

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Hey fellas,
The Following will be my review on the install, purchase, and overall process of the product. First of all, My overview of the customer service was exceptional. Chuck is very forward and on top of the purchase right down to the slightest detail...very nice. Now the install of the product is very simple..even whom has little or no automotive experience can do this task. Now the product in the vehicle is probably the best mod i have ever done on the car since i purchased it and wish could have done sooner. The shifts are crisp, precise, and makes the car seem more automatic like without the car moving up and down so much do to shifting..very nice as well. The welding was superb and the shorter height in my opinion makes the car look a bit cleaner without the long rod so far up. Missing shifts shall be a thing in the past and the shifting is not notchy at all the the added effort as whom say comes with a sts is hardly go and go purchase this item right will not be sorry..and shipping is at the door in a matter personally for myself in 4 days which includes making the payment. Best bang for your buck...Maddog= AWESOME>>>:clap: :thumbsup:
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