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low throttle tuning for afc

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How do you guys tune the low throttle settings with afc? With my DSM I had the logger. Is that what I need for my srt-4? Or is there another way of doing it.
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Nobody. I've searched
why do you want to mess with low throttle?
For a better tune. I have 650 injectors with the stock fuel pressure.
So everybody only does high throttle tune on the srt's?
If you had a scan gauge you could watch LTFT/SFTF and tune out fuel with the low settings to improve your idle a little. (try to get ltft closer to zero).

Other then that I'd say return line would help a LOT...but not the topic
I know a return line would help me out.
can't remember the thread it was in, but sauerkraut posted up the math on 750cc @43psi vs the stock injectors at 58psi. it gave the % difference between them, then you just start out by pulling that %. do a search on sk name and you should be able to find it.
I don't remember what post that was either, but the 650's on stock pressure flow around 750cc. the stockers only flow 577, So they will only flow approx.77% of what the 650's do. Inversely, the 650's will flow 23% more than the stockers. To even out your fuel trims you should be pulling about 20% in the low throttle settings. Get a scan tool or logger and start by pulling 15% and work from there.
Thanks guys. Exactly what I was looking for.
Looks just like how I did my dsm tuning. Time for a logger.
Guys im running the S2 injectors with S1 and was just wondering what % i should pull from the low setting to get my car to idel a little better?

any help would be great
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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