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looking for slicks or DOT drags in MD

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I'm looking for anyone in the md fredrick area willing to loan me there slicks or dot's mounted on rims. Will even pay a few bux for the use, for the weekend of june 22nd I'm driving up to pittsburgh for a mopar race and car show. one day ill show next day I wanna race. My best time so far is a 13.09 on street tires kinda traction limited. I'd really like to break into the twelves and i think a little sticky rubber will do it. I know theres a bunch of you out there anyone willing to help me out I'd appreciate it. would even consider buying them depending on the rim and tire wear.
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Bump.... anyone?
I'll be calling you tomorrow:thumbsup: to meet you Jeremy
lol thanks buddy I appreciate it!
Hey jeremy I'm back in town. All went well, I was able to drive home lol and I managed to run a 12.85 so thank you. Pm me or call me when you have time so we can meet up again.
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