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Lets bet on how many more people will be selling their cars in N.E.

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how many more fellow NE peeps will be selling their cars this year?

this is the list that have sold or have attempted to sell their cars this year alone... :eeeek:

we are losing so many veterans :crying:

Cars sold or wanted to sell in 2007

silver punisher

getting ready sell...

cars sold in 2006


jeez who is next?

I bet you 5+ more people will be selling

edit sirrach... (4 left!)

can anyone guess any names?
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Not me, Im just getting started:thumbsup:
THe only thing i'm selling for is an EVO and Im gonna have to find a damn good deal on one. But for the price dealerships are selling them for. I can prob make 5grand off my car now if i trade it in.
Nope....not selling here.
eh, throw me on that list of cars for sale ... let me sell all my mods that i just put on ... then you can take me off that list bc i'll decide to keep it again :ftard:
you also forgot ultimateone ... and just for shits and giggles, i'd throw up 1badsrt-4 as pending lol

also, add jabbit, maine_05_srt4 and Es Are Tee 4
shoot dont even let me get into last years list...

oh man i forgot herby too!
you could also add j14mp and 06Limit .... i guess theirs weren't "sold" but neither of them have srt's now

well i thought i wanted to sell mine for a while. now i realize i'm just gonna keep it. srt's ftmfw:clap:
I'm not selling mine..just getting started
i'm not but i will if i find that one car :eveilgrin
Sold mine in October and haven't looked back...

Subaru FTW
srtvet just painted his, wtf?!

I'll have mine for a few years, just got it last year.
I drive mine maybe once a week, and have NO plans of selling anytime soon...way to much money,blood,sweat,and time just to off it! I just bought another car and was offered a DAMN good price for my car by the dealer and I told him never:thumbsup:
i bet 7 people will either sell or wreck their srt's in the new england area by jan 1st 08
I looked into selling mine but at this point I think I am gonna just drive it into the ground.....94K on the ticker and not one of those miles have I taken it is a tank!!
i will never sell mine, however if someone wants to trade straight up for a 1998 Toyota Supra TT with Targa top and less than 50k on the clock with a 6 speed, i would soooooo do it.

hmmmm maybe not, i'd prolly just buy the supra and keep my car as well.
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wtf this looks like a group buy for 'sell your car' lol

maybe i can score some hawt parts being a vulture, mod my car to doom, then part it out and sell it once i'm done.

j/k :jester:
Sold my '04 last month for for $12,000.00. The car had 64k miles on it with mild mods.

2 days later I bought a 04' mazda3 hatchback with 28k miles on it for $12,500.00.

I miss the power like crazy but I've been using that hatch non-stop since I got the car.
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