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Let me know what you think

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Here's a few pics of my car. It's a work progress. LMK.

Looking for some foglight surrounds. Driver side in particular. Mine fell off on the interstate on my way back from Clemson. Something hit my bumper. Didn't know it was missing til one of my friends pointed it out.

I will be posting more pics later.
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-unroll your bumper
-remove interceptor badge

The rest I approve when you get your fog surrounds back :)
Needs to be lowered!
All looks good to me except that police badge, thats gotta go.
That's definitely coming off the next day it's not raining. As far as lowering, saving up for some coil-overs.
Looks good, whend u get the rims?
looks very nice! love the rims. and yeah hope the police badge is gone lol
RDSRT4 said:
Looks good, whend u get the rims?
I got the rims about a week and a half ago. maybe 2 weeks if i can recall. i hope to get my aem uego wideband in. let me know if anyone wants to get rid of there foglight covers. really need one for the driver side.:jester:
mls_tls said:
looks very nice! love the rims. and yeah hope the police badge is gone lol
Thanks. The badge is coming off as soon as we get one clear day without rain.:eeeek: hopefully i can get my wideband in too.:eveilgrin
mls_tls said:
where did you get the rims?
ordered the tire and rims off Tire Rack.
cool...they are exactly what i was hoping to find that would fit the srt! i'm hoping for a black car with the black rims with a silver lip.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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