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Knock With Port Fueler

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Since i added the port fueler kit to my srt-4 I have been detecting knock starting from 1 lbs of boost. My air fuel starts at 11.4 and ends a 9.9 afull boost. I does it with all types of gas (no race gas yet). ( full boost is set at 19-20lbs. even at lower boost it detecs knock. Plugs look good after all runs. Any ideas??
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u are running way to rich. u lean to lean it out. u need to start around 12.4ish and end around 11.3-11.8. u lean to lean it out
If lean it out it still knocks.
you have to look at your intake air temps then, imo...

also, check to see that your knock sensor is torqued properly...

there's a lot more to knock then just a/f and boost levels, imo.. there are a couple long ass threads here on the forum that discusses knock..
I have the same issue... but I'm running the 20g Portfueler kit with the AGP 3147 turbo kit on a S0 pcm. I can tune it safe to a max of about 11.2afr or have it tuned for 11.8afr. I'm clamped at 4.21 (14psi) to 4.36v (15psi) and I still get a knock count of 3 to 5 as I approach red line. The knock count will increase if I clamp it any lower than 14psi. I will not get knock retard at lower boost levels (0psi to 7psi) unless the pcm detects knock at the upper boost levels >7psi.

I'm trying to get my progressive W/I system to work at the moment. I'm sure it will help alot with the knock retard issue. Another problem is that I'm using the S0 pcm, which provides more timing than needed at those boost/rpm levels. I'm going to be installing the S1 pcm in a couple weeks to see if that helps a bit more. I'm also tired of getting the p0234 and the p1188 codes from the S0 pcm.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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