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kcuf transmission problem

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Once again I come to the wise people of the SRTforums to help me out haha. Well here's the story. I was racing the other night, just for fun, not a money race or anything. Got to a stoplight, revvin the engine and all that fun stuff. Ripped out as soon as the light turned green, reved to about 5 grand in first and the e-brake light came on, shifted to second, went through all the gears, and then smelled something burning, smelled like brakes. I pulled over to a gas station, got out, and the smell was like overpowering. I shut my car off and let it sit for maybe 20 minutes. Got back in, started the car, and it pretty much refused to go into reverse. I turned off the car, put it in reverse, started back up and pulled it back on the road. Now the gears are like nearly impossible to get into. The smell seems like its my clutch, but I looked at it and it doesn't seem too warn or anything. I adjusted the clutch adjustment to see if it was disengaging properly but I'm really not sure. It seems like I may have fucked up the synchronizer or something. Downshifting is kind've hard, but its mostly upshifting, on the bottom gears, like 2nd, 4th, and reverse that are the hardest to get into. They don't grind or anything, they just really have to be jammed into gear. I got a year left on the factory warranty, and a 3 year extended warranty, so im not overly concerned, any ideas of what it could be though guys? Thanks :crying:
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sounds like syncros to me thats what happend to mine...i was racing mine just for fun against some 97 gst eclipse waste of my time but you have to show these kids whats up...but anyways i ended up braking the shift fork for 3 and 4 and took out all the syncros so i am getting it rebuilt under warranty
how long do you think it iwll take? I'm taking it in monday

it will prolly take a week for a rebuild
nice, hopefully i get a rental to toy around with haha

yeah they wouldnt give me a rental they said dodge doesnt like to give rentals out that they wanted to charged me 45.00 a day
whoever owned the car before me must have beat the shit out of. the car has 26k and they are saying it needs a new clutch, and its not covered under any warranties which I think is bullshit because I've had the car less than 30 days ,and put less than a thousand miles on it. They quoted me at 900 dollars which is bad considering the clutch costs almost 600 by itself but man I'm a college student, I work 6 days a week, and theres no way i have that kind of money. Do you think there is any chance they can add the new clutch to the principal cost of the vehicle and just make my payments a few more months longer?
wait nvm i'm an idiot, they couldn't add it to the loan because it's already signed and through the bank... any other ideas? this is fucked

i had a buddy that bought a evo from a chevy dealorship and the clutch went out before the 30 days and he had his lawyer contact them about the lemon law and they ended up paying for any clutch he wanted and installed it. since you cant prolly afford for a lawyer to do that just go in there and tell them your lawyer says they will be contacting them if they do fix the problem under the lemon law
You revved -it to 5K, dumped the clutch,smoked the disc,......& now you want them to replace it for free??'s NOT a top fuel dragster ya know:jester:
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