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vegasDSM said:
any filter is better than the stock styrofoam one :evil:
what?! the stock one is a paper media filter. Are you talking about the foam that is at the ends of the filter? the only foam filters I know of are the ITG and the edelbrock one for a carb. I personally will not use foam because foam gets hard with time and hard foam doesn't like to stay together so it ends up in the engine. They could be better now, but after seeing smoe serious engines suck pieces of foam off the edelbrock filter, I stayed away and plan to.
I am liking that make your own intake tubing from summit and an accel cool blue filter. Just sucks that the turb inlet is just over 2.25" and the tubing is available in 3 and 4" diameters....maybe the stage 2 turbo will have a bigger inlet :twisted:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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