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Just installed HKS..need help!!

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Hey guys...i just installed my hardpipes with the HKS BOV and when under boost i can hear a hissing noise coming from where the BOV is...i know they dont leak under boost right??? anybody ever have that still boosts to 17 fine w/o flutter or anything...its just the annoying hissing noise...thanks guys...btw i tried searching but didnt come up with anything..

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Did you spread a layer of RTV over the snap ring after install?
did ya ever stop and think that it may be just because you installed the hardpipes? When I put my hardpipes in it changed the sound a little bit too. If you're holding 17 just fine I would think that your bov is fine. Just make sure the clamps around the pipes are nice and tight. BTW I never put any rtv over my snapring and haven't heard of anybody else doin that but hey who knows maybe I just got lucky by purchasing a bov that worked ;)
No RTV here either and no problems. And yes, my sound changed some too. As soon as I got mine mounted on the hardpipe, it was on there good.
i see

Oh ok...yeah i didnt know that it would change the sound just by installing the not losing boost at all...i can almost hear the turbo spooling from where my pipes/ BOV dont need to adjust the BOV in any way right...i just put the purple insert in it...sounds sweet..thanx for the help :thumbsup:
No RTV used here either. Tho I did take note that the snapring was keyed so to speak, if you pop'd it in there backwards, you would have a leak as it's not snug in the groove. the flat edge/side faces the flat flange on the BOV itself. with the beveled edge going into the groove.

Also, I didnt like the thickness on the O-ring so I hunted down another one at Tractor Supply©. it fit the groove a little better and also was a tad bit thicker for a more positive seal.

I need to leak test but, it seems ok. I t'd the Manifold Vac line and used it to run the HSK's pressure source.
Unless it is the really old HKS, there is no adjustment on it.
snap ring??

You know what? I think i may have put that snap ring on backwards now that i think of it...ill have to take the pipe off to take a look at it when im off next did you guys get that ring on...i had to take it to the mechanic cuz my snap ring pliers broke tryin to get that thing on
Don't use the snap ring pliers with the different ends that you can swap out. You will break the tips on those. I used a normal set and had absolutely no trouble. I was expecting it to be hard from reading everything on here but it really was done in about 45 seconds.
fixed it!

well i put in the c ring the correct way...still boosts the same and same gonna just have to say like the comments above its the new noise with the hard pipes...clamps are on tight too...ill do a boost leak test sometime...:thumbsup:
if you have just an hks bov, what size o-ring and snapring do you need to buy and where can you get them?
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