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I have had an ebay user take my money and run. This is his information
Name: jerry morrow
City: Maple Grove
State: MN
Country: United States
Phone: (763) 559-2651
Paypal Registered Since: Monday, Nov 28, 2005 01:40:40 PST

I won ebay auction number #8029963537.
I paid via paypal. There is proof of all transactions. Transaction Date: Jan 16, 2006
Transaction Amount: -$182.50 USD
Your Transaction ID: 0LJ99125KE679610W
Seller's Transaction ID: 2BK16786WN209234T
Case Number: PP-137-350-762
Seller's Name: Jerome morrow
Seller's Email: [email="[email protected]"][email protected]

I never received the product, or a full refund..
It was on ebay, so there was no srtforums user name. I am pressing charges, and the Maple grove police have already paid him a visit. Avoid all transactions to this paypal account.:flame: :stab: :grimrippe :domo: :gay: :wtf: :domohit: :ftard: :knockhead :smoke: :bang: :ahahahaha :boxing:
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