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On March 22, 2022, a tree fell on my '04 SRT-4. I bought it new, and it now has 240K miles on it. (Edit... I added wrong. A few years ago I had to replace the cluster. The correct total mileage now is 240K, not 245K as I originally wrote.)

The manufacturing company I work for happens to have a large paint booth and a good body guy, so I opted to have the repair work done here. It saved a lot of money at the expense of it taking a long time, since it had to be worked into the other things they normally do. It needed a lot of body work to the roof, new hood, new fenders, new windshield, new cowl, some trim, new radiator, new timing covers, and some A/C repair. I also had new rocker panels welded in, and the whole thing was repainted, with subtle and classy Commemorative Edition-style stripes.

Last night I finally drove it home and drove it back to work today. It's nasty weather for the first day back, but it's back!

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