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"It's just a neon."

I heard the same lines "It's just an Omni" more times than I care to mention. Hated it. I bought my Dodges new so I won't say how old I am.
Had a ball on the street with'em. GT's and IROC's were fun to race on the streets. Don't want to talk about the Grand National thou; what a beast.

I don't have my Dodges anymore but I am coming up on needing a new car. And the SRT-4 kinda got my interest back in Dodges again. I heard from my co-workers "it's fugly" whatever :roll: Opinions are like noses and axxhxles everybody has one.

I've read every article that I can. Looks like a sweet ride to me. Definately not the sleeper look. Cannot wait til they get released in the Northeast. Gotta test drive one.
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