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it finally happened

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i finally got into an accident tonight. nothing too major. both pass doors have to be replaced and the pass front fender. the pass front bottom peice by the door sill on top of the side skirt is pushed in. i dont want this car anymore. after the insurance fixes it i might get rid of it. the bottom of the dors are smashed in ans the back lower peice of the front fender. i hadto bend the top of the front door so water wont get in. im soo pissed. the guy that hit me was really cool though. he did not get a ticket it wasnt his fault. wasnt mine either by the way. very shitty way to start my weekend. i feel like a part of me is i dont know, im juss pissed and sad at the same time. i went a year and a half without anything, no scratches, dents or dings. :stab: :grimrippe just wanted to vent kinda.......:crying:
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sorry to hear. good thing your ok. i came close one day. i started to pull out for a green light by my house and a guy coming right at my side ran a red light that had been red for at least 3 seconds going at least 60 mph. i saw it and stopped literally a foot away from getting t boned. scariest thing ever to happen to me. we all know how the side impact rating is on our cars.
Damn dude, sucks:stab: More reasons why I barely drive my car..especially in this rainy weather!:readclose
Damn man that fucked up what's up with all the white SRT getting smacked..
damn sorry to hear about your accident dude. dont get discouraged though as long as there is no chassis damage fix it and get back on that white horse
Jagok1 said:
Damn dude, sucks:stab: More reasons why I barely drive my car..especially in this rainy weather!:readclose
+1 on all accounts. My kids are always saying can we please take the white car, I don't like the truck. But the truck is wore out and has ice cold air and runs decent. Driving home from work is a free for all.

Good luck with getting it fixed. If there's no real structural damage, I'd say drive it a while and you may change your mind about getting rid of it. Of course you may notice things squeaking/rattling that you never noticed before because you have it in your mind that your car is f#*ked up.
howd he hit you and it wasnt anyones fault it had to be someones fault whether through negligence or carelessness
well the cop said it was his fault. progressive is fixing it and they are using dodge parts. i have a lifetime warranty on their work. so any sqeaks and rattles they said i can take it back. i take it to them on monday so i'm gonna see wut they say. thanks for the support guys.
sorry for ur accident, but to be perfectly honest, the side of your doors (both passengers), regardless if it gets replaced will never be the same, appearance wise at least, I say this because I received damage to my passenger side front door and it was replaced and never looked the same, got it re-done several times but it still shows signs it was hit..I still own the car but am pissed everyday I look at the side, barely noticable to the naked eye, but to me its still a giant luck dude

i know exactly what u mean i bottomed out on a inside out speed bump by my buddies house that has an 07 sti and got a little dent on the bottom of my front bumper maybe 5 inches wide and its killing me. every time i look at the front of my car i can only focus in on the freaking dent!! it sucks
i just hope my insurance wont go up. i just want my car fixed and to my liking. i inspect used cars for a living so i will notice anything especially body work. but we'll see how they fix it. i will keep you guys updated on thigns. again thanks for the support. i really appreciate it.
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