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intercooler water sprayer?

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will this be effective for track runs in fl humid heat air when the intercooler gets heat soaked?

i'm thinking of buying an aquamist system to spray the intercooler down, think it's worthwhile?
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Did you know you can make your own? You can buy a small roll of copper tubing (probably 1/4") and a small hand bender for it. Grab a nitrous purge switch (can be found on ebay as low as $5 or new for about $75) and the brass connectors for the bottom. Get a CO2 bottle (like the kind you put on a paintball gun) and mount it upside down in the engine compartment. Hook it all together with a switch inside and you're good. It is suggested that you spray paint the copper tubing silver to match the intercooler and you may have to test a piece of tubing to figure out what sized holes work the best.

What you do is spray it for a few seconds, between runs to keep the intercooler from getting heatsoaked. A CO2 setup is good for about -100 degrees fahrenheit (if I remember correctly.) Much better than water and fairly cheap to make!

insert clever sn here said:
yea, i figured i can make my own..and its probably the better choice, aquamist is kinda pricey.

i have a co2 tank....from a paintball gun, but its a hassle to have them filled, water is much easier. and its usually in the high 80's low 90's here, and really really humid. so water will probably work fine, co2 would be better tho, but it's just the fillups.

if i make my own..what kind of pump thing can i use? to pump the water?
I have heard of guys using windshield washer pumps to spray them with water. Maybe there's another stronger pump?
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