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installed walbro and now p0138

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I just finished up installing walbro and now I am getting a p0138. I have stage 1 which doesn't make sense, since the error deals with o2 sensor on bank 1/ sensor 2. I have it still plugged in, but I have my wideband installed in its location. It didn't do this before I installed the fuel pump :stab:
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did you unhook the battery to install the pump. reseting the pcm may have let the 2nd o2 test fail on the first test. the cel may go out on it's own after a few drive cycles. yeah, shouldn't get it with s1, but i have seen s1 and 2 cars trip it and later have it go out on it's own.
hopefully it goes away...we will see. Also, the weird thing is at higher rpm's I am running 12.5 afr's after I put in the 255 pump. Before I was running fairly rich with the stock pump. I have 750cc's and was running 24lbs of boost.
after thinking about this, the pcm does use the 2nd o2 sensor to check for high or low voltage faults, thats why you can't just unplug it. just dosen't use it for efficiency of the catalyst anymore with the staged pcm's. a high voltage fault would cause the pcm to lean the afr in an attempt to save the converter from over heating, thinking to much fuel was loading up in the converter. the sensor may be bad, or the 5v wire may be shorting to the signal wire somewhere in the harness.
The error went away suprisingly. I will keep my eye on it and I will datalog what my afr's are when I get some time. Thanks for your help.
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