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Well I finally got ATP Turbo's downpipe the other day. I expected a big, long box, but it came in a nice small box. All the parts are nicely made, all the welds are good strong welds. Very impressive quality on ATP's part!

Now, if I had to do this all over again, this is what I would do. This installation did take me about 4 HOURS to complete, and you'll see why.

Make sure you have some PB Blaster so those screws come out easily. Before you start, drench those nuts and bolts in that stuff and also spray the stock pipe where the new pipe will slide into. Let that sit for a bit.

Tools you will need:
10,13,14,22 mm socket heads and wrenches
PB Blaster
Lot's of patience

1. Now removing the 4 bolts connected to the stock CAT. REMEMBER THE BOTTOM SCREWS YOU WILL REMOVE THE NUT, AND THE TOP SCREW YOU WILL REMOVE THE BOLT. I was able to remove the top bolt w/o removing the heat shield but I do have skinny fingers. The bottom nuts you will need a long extension to reach them. For kicks, start your car now. Really loud huh?

2. Next, carefully unscrew the O2 sensor and put it off to the side, BE VERY CAREFUL, YOU DO NOT WANNA DROP OR BANG IT. I used a 22 mm wrench to remove it.

3. Now, remove the nut from the clamp on the stock pipe. You'll see what i mean when you are under your car.

4. This is the part that took me forever to do. You will now have to attempt to remove the CAT out. It is very difficult because the CAT is pretty much stuck inside the other pipe. It took combinations of pulling, twisting, cursing, to get it off. Some PB Blaster probably would've helped. Oh yeah, there is barely enough room to remove the CAT so make sure you have enough clearance by the 4 bolts to remove it. THIS STEP TOOK DAMN FOREVER!

5. Now, I put the new parts on with the 4 bolts first. Make sure it's on there tight, you do not want exhaust leaks.

6. Attach the T-clamp that ATP gave you now.

6. This is the other hard part, getting the new pipe to fit into the old stock pipe. Like I said, PB Blaster might help. What I had to do was, if you look at your stock pipe that will fit over the new pipe, there is a split on the top and bottom. I had to use a flat screw and pry it open. This was acheived by bending the clamp down. You cannot remove the clamp because it is welded to the pipe. You want the pipe to angle up towards the sky.

7. So you got that pipe on? Good job! The next hard part was getting the clamp to bend back and fit into the screw.

8. Your almost done! Attach the last t-clamp and make sure everything is nice and tight again.

So, you probably wanan know the results. Well for one thing, the car is REALLY LOUD NOW. Mind you I did not buy the racepipe, but boy can you feel it on the butt dyno. Very nice! Hope this helped some of you guys out.


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i'm assuming that it won't be too long before ATP has an entire 3" turbo back exhaust system. has anyone heard anything official? :shock:
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