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Installed ATP downpipe tonight

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Install wasn't that bad took 2 of us just under 2 hours working at a leisurely pace. Installed it w/ the race pipe, and it is louder but not as loud as I expected, so I guess thats good.
Feels a little quicker but only took it for a spin. I will get a better idea later tonight.
If anyone has any questions about the me
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how long did it take when you order it
well they were out of stock for a week but 2 weeks in all
Let us know how long it takes before the CEL light triggers with the race pipe portion.

Not sure if you will notice much of a difference with the race pipe vs the highflow cat unless you get into the 270-300hp range?
Keep us updated I wanna hear about this more.
well I figured I would get a cel, from the way I drive sooner than later :)

I am gonna dyno again soon to see any changes, even though it might not be totally accurate because I am actually going cool my car down before dyno'ing this time and see if I can improve on my 207hp 235ftlbs
i will gaurantee you, you will get better than that next time.
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