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INFO: Used Stage 1 Rekey method

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You MUST get the original owners VIN for this procedure to work. And before you can start the procedures below, your flashing/rekeying dealer MUST call DCX (Dodge) with that VIN and get the original owners vehicle PIN.

This instructions are from the PL2000 Powertrain Service Manual.
The PIN referred to is a four digit code contained within your keys.

Thanks to ATL-SRT and his tech for finding this method and ensuring it works.

1. Turn the ignition on (transmission in park/

2. Use the DRBIIIt and select THEFT ALARM,


4. Enter secured access mode by entering the vehicle
four-digit PIN.

NOTE: A maximum of eight keys can be
learned to each SKIM AT ONE TIME. Once a
key is learned to a SKIM it (the key) cannot be
transferred to another vehicle."

While these instructions might not make any sense to you, they will to your tech. If you want to understand more about the whole Sentry Key Immobilizer System (SKIS) feel free to ask

Please instruct your dealer to follow the DCX procedures as found in the proper DCX manual, not these, these are intended strictly to show your dealer which procedure is to be used.

Daytona, sticky this one first, please.
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