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In what order are the colors of the SRT-4?

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From most to least what are the production numbers of SRT-4 produced?

In other words, can see this color all over the place, this color is the rarest.

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good question, but im afriad you are only going to get peoples opinions based on what they see at dealers around them.

I dont think dodge has released any concrete info as to how many of each color will be produced.
Silver WILL be the rarest of them all
Well on the meets we've been to or seen pics, most of the ones that show up are black. But i'm sure silver will be up there soon.
acr2nv said:
Silver WILL be the rarest of them all
I'm going to have to say red for sure....
Judging from what I have seen on this site, I'd say silver. Yellow, Black, Red, Silver.

you all nay sayers will eventually see that silver is pretty rare
thats because the silver is a butt ugly shade!
Read my first post in this thread again...appers I am right ;)
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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