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ok so i went to daves to tackle the task of installing the intake..dave was quick to get right to it and ripp shit apart..fromthe angry grunts and look on his face..i must was the intake install fro m helll..super tight fit..battery tray has drilled holes for the battery tie down an done of the holes wernt drileld tomorrow were gonna retap the hole..also alot of moving of the vac line solonoids and the task of having to take the headlight out to getthe filter on..but i must say..after one test drive it was all so clear to me..all of daves 2 hours of help payed off..this intake is just ean..dave even said it sounded bad..i've never heard a intake like this..thing is just so aggressive..its a loud sucking sound then a whistle then a flutter.its just so fn sweet to hear..oh man the butt dyno is def. seieng some gains..all through out the curve i swear.rpms just seem to fly up so fast and so thing i noticed is i idle a lil rougher this normal or should i check to c if anything is wrong..i swear it feels like the engine is idling i can feel it in the steering wheel kinda deal...let me now if u have any to come by tomorrow..myf riend forgot to give me the cable to the digi cam he let me borrow..
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