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IAT Sensor

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OK I had the AGP pipe with the screw in sensor but did not like it very much. I am now putting the stock sensor and wiring back. My question is the purple and blue wires when the sensor if facing you with the red tab forward which wire is on the left side and which and the right side. And then splicing them back into the harness which wire goes to the black wire with the red stripe and which wire into the black with the blue stripe. Does anyone have any pictures. I know this is a odd request. Thanks.
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I have the agp sensor, just never have installed it, why didn't you like it?
When I first got it we tried to install the sensor it didnt fit correctly. When we finally got the sensor started it sheered off. I tried to get it out but since the sensor is brass it seized and I had to drill it. And then had to pay 40$ for a new sensor that is now JB welded in due to the larger. It leaks and looks tackey. I also dont trust the wires it looks like a good bump could break them right off.
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