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I went to New Orleans for the weekend.

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For Easter, we went to New Orleans for the weekend and we took the srt.
I'm back and have just over 1200 mls. I took it to a little over 130 MPH on I-49. My father-in-law about shit. So, I slowed down. She purrsss so nice. What do I find when I come home? All of my ATP stuff: Down pipe with cat., Up-pipe, MBC, HKS BOV. and a set of extra clamps (I use them at work for level testing and go through them like candy). I expected a little more out of the welds, but it ain't nothing but 2 minutes and a dremel tool can't solve. The welds are good, but I have seen better (I'm picky, so don't mind me).

I can't wait, ....tommorrow will be fun!


I take it one would install the MBC somewhere in-line with a hose, which one would that be and where is it?

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Enjoy, I know I would! :lol:
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