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I realize the cars are arriving soon and all I have to do is wait. Since I originally looked at a Spec V first, the dealer called me today asking me to come down and take a look at what he has. He made sure to add that line, "Would you be willing to make purchase tomorrow, if the right deal comes along?" Is there any comparison in buying the Spec V and adding turbo? If the right deal comes along and I can get it at invoice, can turbo be added for the $3000 I save? There is no way I'd even consider the Spec V unless it's a really sweet deal. The Spec V doesn't have the horsepower that the SRT 4 has, but it does have LSD. I realize that doesn't make up for the HP. Today, I'm 98% sure I'm getting an SRT 4. Yesterday, I was 100%. Any kind words are appreciated to get me back on track. Thanks.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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