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This is my first new ride.. I got rid of my 91crx si.....

Can u help me to read this boost gauge.. theres 2 ways on this gauge... Yes im a noob big time..


Yesterday my CEL came on.. The light did come on.. and when i was in 2nd gear my engine hestitated to move. buckin on me :( .. lack of communication problems..with dealership. i dont know if he took out the sensor. because the light is off and it runs good now.. Only 50m so i cant beat it up yet.

gotta bring it in tomorrow to put a new sensor in which the salesman had told me.... lata guys and gals.

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well Vacuum is negative boost (to the left of the zero) but once you go into positive boost (to the right of the zero) thats when the show starts. If you keep it out of boost (to the left of the zero) you will get good gas milage but if you keep in boost often (to the right of the zero) you will be very happy with the performance but the gas will vanish quickly :twisted:
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