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i need ideas

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i have a yellow srt and im looking to do something visiual but dont know what. i need some ideas i ane1 can help
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Well give your support for my idea on this thread and we may have a new visual product for our cars....
*color matched side view mirrors
*shorty antenna
*put the fog light covers on and color match
*maybe tint side markers
*rockblocker tailight covers
smallest sig pic EVARRRR!!!!!!!!
well since your car has a black and yellow theme whether you like it or not... i'd do shorty antenna, black rims, black housing headlights, tint side markers, put the front mesh back in, CF hood and trunk with pvo wing, and black painted roof.....are you really rich by any chance? hah
thesleeper said:
smallest sig pic EVARRRR!!!!!!!!
ehhh ive seen bigger:rofl: :rofl:
-Black housing head lights
-CF Hood
-CF Trunk
-CF crosshairs
-Black wheels
the list goes on and on if you got money
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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