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and let me tell you the install was a breeze and straight forward. Took me a whole 1hr to install the kit and another 3 hrs to tune it :wah?!: some imputs

1. Car now studders if tank is low on fuel

2. Car now does not snap crackle and pop under decel :lol:

3. Car seems to have better driveability

I tuned the car with my buddies Innovative WB setting my (Static) FP at 47 psi and 42psi with the vacuum on. I then slowly decreased my map volts to around 4.3 or so and it started to get leaner throuout the rpm range. A/F went like this

Once WOT a/f would go to 10.5 and slowly climb to 11.5 @5600rpm, car feels smoother now and does not have that annoying hesitation that it had before in warm weather. Also does anyone know what is the best tune to put my clamp at? Ive heard 04 stage 0 cars like to be tuned at 4v? Thanks in advance guys.
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