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Hub Centric Rings??

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Can anyone give me some info on what size I need or where to get them. I have Amp Tsukuba 18's and they did not come with them.
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What are hub rings and do I need them?

Hubcentric rings are designed to fill in the gap between the hub of the car and the center bore of the wheel. Most wheel manufacturers design their wheels with a center bore large enough to fit on most cars. The result is a small gap between the hub and the center bore. This gap usually doesn't allow for the wheel to fit hubcentric but rather lugcentric which sometimes can cause vibration. Therefore, to fill the gap and ensure the fitment is hubcentric, hub rings are used.

If you are going to purchase new wheels it's probably a good idea to purchase hub rings as well. This will ensure that the center bore of the wheel sits flush on the hub and will avoid any vibration that may occur while driving.

There are two kinds of hub rings that can be purchased: plastic and aluminum. Some say that excessive heat from braking can cause the plastic rings to melt and warp over time but for normal street use they don?t seem to be a problem. To determine which size hub rings you'll need for your aftermarket wheels, first find out from the manufacturer what the center bore diameter is. This number combined with the SRT-4 hub size of 57.10 will be the size you need for your hubcentric rings.

Example: 73.0 x 57.1

73.0 being the outter diameter of the hub ring (and fits inside of your aftermarket wheel) and 57.1 being the inner diameter (and fits over the hub on the car).

Metal hub rings can be purchased from Discount Tire Direct for about $15 shipped. All you need to do is just give them the size you need.

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