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I finally got around to setting up a FTP on my web space, It's real easy to use and space isn't an issue (but don't upload your 3 gigs of porn) and bandwith... well i get like 5,000 gigs a month or some insane number like that... Anyway I would say grab flash FXP unless you have your own favorite FTP program...

1) Download Flash FXP

2) Install (just keep hitting "okay" or "next")

3) Run Flash FXP

4) click the little "lightning bolt" about top center (or just press F8)

5) Info you need:

Server or URL:
user name: [email protected]
password: (send me a PM)
port: 21 (should be default)

6) hit connect

7) Then click the "sites" menu then click "add current site" you you can connect with the click of a button

8) upload away, I would say create a folder named your name then put your stuff in there.

I know 1/2 you tools use myspace, but for those that want to throw up a movie or pics and dont want to use street fire or photobucket.....

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gotbst05 said:
james... what's this for? uploading videos?
:readclose I think that's what he was getting at.... :jester:
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