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How would you rate this system?

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I listen primarily to punk, and some rock.. so how would you base this system on my music tastes? This whole system will cost me only $761.

Alpine CDA-9807 CD/MP3/WMA Receiver

Alpine SPS-080A 3-1/2" Speakers
recommended power range 2-15 watts RMS
peak power 75 watts
sensitivity 88 dB

Alpine Type-R SPR-176A 6-3/4" Component Speaker System
recommended power range 8-50 watts RMS
peak power handling 200 watts
sensitivity 86 dB

Alpine SPR-694A 6"x9" 2-way Speakers
recommended power range 8-50 watts RMS
peak power 200 watts
sensitivity 88 dB

Alpine SWR-1041D 10" Dual 4-ohm Voice Coil Subwoofer
power range 100-300 watts RMS
peak power handling 1,000 watts
sensitivity 85 dB

Alpine MRD-M300 150W x 1 Mono Subwoofer Amplifier
300 watts RMS x 1 at 2 ohms
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I think you really like Alpine. :D As I sell Alpine, that's not a bad price for the system. However make sure you install some caps on those 3.5's at least 200uf if not larger. Of course since you're getting a 6.5" component set, why not just mount the tweets in the 3.5" slots and drop the 3.5's and save a few bucks? Also, this is just personal prefrence, you could do a better sub amp for the price, but what you have is not a bad choice.

Does this all include install and the enclosure? If so that is a really good price and you should jump all over it.

Maybe I'll see ya somet time in Vegas, my girl lives there so I'm up there pretty often. Would be cool to do a SRT meet there.

Yea, I really like Alpine.

What do you mean by installing caps?
As far as the enclosure & installation go.. it's all free. My friend installs systems, and said he'd do it for me.. as well as build a custom box.

I'm going tomorrow to the dealership to see what kind of price I can work out on a SRT-4. There's 1 silver in town at the dealerships I believe.. which is the one I test drove. It already has 80+ miles on it, and I know most of them have been driven hard.. so I'd prefer to find another silver w/ lower miles here in town.
Sorry about the caps thing.. installer talk, translation.. "bass blockers". All they really are are non-polarized caps, in this case 200 uf nets you a 200Hz highpass crossover at 6db/oct. I'm syre if your buddy is a good installer he will know exactly what I'm referring to. =)

If you can't find one there goto Earnhart Dodge in Phoenix 4 hour drive or so, ask for Stetson Payne, he'll get you one for MSRP. I beleive they have a couple silvers on the lot. Just be sure to let him know I sent you!

great, thanks for your help.

I just ran a check on Dodge's site, and yea.. they have 2 silver's in stock. The local dealership w/ the silver srt-4 added a $3,999 package on top of MSRP.. which they said was mandatory, and could not be removed. I'll see what happens w/ them tomorrow.
4 grand mandatory package? My ass. Go elsewhere, and let them know you're going elsewhere. That's BS.

Go to that Earnhart Dodge place and say, "Hi, I'd like a silver SRT-4 for MSRP. stlthfixr said it'd be cool. Thanks."


Yea, the package included like seat protectant, and like 5 other small things which definately wouldn't add up to $4000. They said it was a package that their dealership added to the car.. but then when I asked if it was available without the package he said no, that the cars arrive with the package already installed.
Does this not make sense to anyone else? If it's their dealer package, then that would mean the cars come stock and they add the package right?!
Drop the 3.5 speakers. I personaly would also drop the rear speakers because a properly setup sound system will not need them. You can get bass blockers or consider a seperate amp for your front speakers. I would also tell you to build a pair of kicks rather then installing in the stock position. If you can't/don't want to do that then consider qforms. You will have to modify them to sound good though. To do this you need to deaden them with sound deadening or glass the interior. Then seal them with some fiberglass.
You're going to be hard pressed to find q-forms for a 01+ Neon... they don't exsist. However yeah that is right kicks would be ideal, I'm making some myself. However I don't see them in a $741 system. =)

Yea, I'm not looking for anything too extravagant. Just a basic small system that'll give me a decent thump for the kick drum.
ourformerselves said:
Yea, I'm not looking for anything too extravagant. Just a basic small system that'll give me a decent thump for the kick drum.
Go buy just about any 4x50 Hifonics amp and run a fan to it. I wish I didn't give it away, it held load better than my Audiobahn.

I had the first gen of this model, before the Zeus Series existed, it was called a Tuarus.

I will probably be selling my 4x75 Audiobhan A4601X for $250, if I ever make up my mind.

The Audiobahn IMO is more towards driving mids and highs, it drove my sub pretty damn clean, it just couldn't handle 3 capped sets of speakers on one channel :twisted:

Take note of the briliant finish and shine you can see my kitchen cabinent in it , NOT A FRIGGIN scratch on it! Meh but I did put a palm print on it when I forgot to put the gloves back on.
My MINT Audiobahn

Edit* No this was not that amp that got owned, my distrubtor went thru 3 amps trying see what their limits was. Sheesh to think what 3 years ago when the orginal series came out, nobody knew what it was.

A shameless plug never hurt anybody :lol:
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Well you could build yourself a pair of kicks for about $100 or you could buy q forms and fix them. I still say the q forms because they make them for 00+ and I am sure all the kick pannel areas are the same in the neon. I also want to say we are not talking about a small difference between stock locations and kick pannels.
Great choice on the head unit. That's what I just got. =D> Can't beat the fact that it plays MP3's. :lol:
Yeah your dropping the soundfield, I did it in my civic. Honestly if you want kick panel pods, go have them custom fabbed or make your own, ditch tweaters and use horn compression drivers under the dash.
I don't think he is going to want to spend the money or all the time it takes to tune horns. Also if he went with horns he could probebly still have his mid in his doors then.
Wait, now I gotta think of angles, I still think the positioning in the kicks would be better than doors.

Your right though I'm getting carried away.

As above yeah I doubt hes gonna run any of this shit anyways.
putting the midbass in kicks would be ideal but with horns it wouldn't be as necesary due to the fact that the horns cover such a large range of the audio spectrum. Personaly I have yet to use horns but I would like to try them one day.
I have heard ID horns in a GSR before pretty sweet. The thing is though if the mids are in the kicks, you can angle it more so its sounds like the soundfield is aimed from the front IMO. I haven't heard horns withought the mids being in a kick panel.
If I wanted to add kick panels, do you think panels for an older neon would fit and I could just modify them? Or how would one go about making their own??
thanks for all the advice and suggestions. I'll probably end up keeping my planned set-up. I think I'll be fairly happy w/ it due to my needs.
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