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how to: walbro 450 installation guide

note.. you need to have a rewire done, AND upgrade to 30a fuse

Link to rewire

Followed this link to build it.. for now its a static 58psi with the corvette fuel filter.. going with a return line in the summer ..

used fuel filter recommendation from, WIX 33737 - 58 PSI,

mounted pump in canister like this

Fuel strainer
Strainer (Filter) for Fuel Pumps Fits Walbro GSS341 and GSS342
Item price $9.95

Fuel pump $107.50 (make sure to order 274)
Genuine WALBRO/ TI Auto E85 FUEL PUMP F90000274 EXP 450L 400-0085 W-INSTALL KIT
( 172002867928 )

e85 sensor, $29

New Flex Fuel Composition Sensor E85 13577429 for 12-13 GM Impala "

pictures to follow

2,587 Posts
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works perfectly..
not sure i mentioned it .. but you need a 30a fuse
i made 400+ on a 255.. static 58psi
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