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How to get codes from my Car

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I'm having problems with TPS sensor or the wiring harness to the TPS sensor, and I like to check if there has been any codes thrown on my car. I need to know how to check for the codes, and I know someone has already explain this on this forum, but I couldn't find it. Sorry in advanced.
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put key in and turn it to on position 3 times....on-off on-off on and then the codes will be shown in the odometer
Do you turn it all the way off by pushing in the button, so you could remove the key, or just off then back on. Also if you don't have any codes what will it do?
noo you just turn it from off to on 3x and the code will show up on your oddometer than after reading all codes it will say d0ne
Still having problems, I will try to explain exactly what I'm doing, and you can tell how dumb I am. Put the key in and turn it to the position before the dash info displays. I turn it to the on position but don't start the car and wait until I see the miles. Turn if off but not all the way off. I do that 3 times and all I get is my miles nothing else.
turn it all the way on like youre trying to star the car, but dont go to hte point that ur actually goin to start it, go to the point that when ur car is running, the key turn it 3 times into that position, when ur turning it to the off position, only do it until it wont go back anymore,dont push the unlock go on-off on-off on...and ur codes will come up
OK.. Got it, just had to speed it up and not wait to see my miles. Just to let you no I just got a d0ne. No codes. Thanks guys.
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