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How should I lower my car?

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What is everyones preference between lowering springs, like Eibach, or adjustable coil-overs, like Skunk2. I have heard that the Eibach springs make the car handle better, but I would prefer to be able to adjust the height of my car whenever I want rather than a set height. I really want my car as low as possible while still being able to fit it throught a car wash. BTW, My PT is lowered and has a Xenon front bumper so it won't fit through the car wash. It is really hard sometimes to find a few hours to wash my car.

I am also not sure if the coil-overs for the 2nd Gen will fit the SRT. I have heard that they use different suspension components and that the springs and coil-overs will have to be made just for the SRT.
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