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How many psi?

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i have a 05 with the following mods...perrin cai,agp wga,stage 1,forge bov,needswing dp. How many psi should i be at im spiking at 18 holding like 15-16 is this where i should be at or should i lower it?
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Sounds fine to me , especially if it is running good , i wouldnt mess with it .
lower it. 18psi starts pulling timing on S0/S1 cars so you're losing power that way. Spike 17 hold 15/16 and you may actually notice the car run even better
17psi at most with out a clamp of some sort
I have a Perrin FMIC, AGP WGA, 3inch down pipe and exhuast and im running the same thing with no long as after u get that 18 psi spike it drops back off to around 15-16 your fine
17 spi is prime for S1. 18 is ok but youll get better times at 17.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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