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Hey Folks,

I was sitting down today and was in disblief of how much money I have spent on my car in 1 year. Amazing really. So how many complete mods do you have? Please post here......

Here are my complete mods: :readclose


Stage II - $850
AGP T3/T4 .50 trim 63 A/R - $1800
Greddy Profec B Spec II - $325
Greddy BC Remote - $112
Greddy TT - $100
Greddy CC - $80
Innovate LM-1 Wideband O2 - $350
Port and Polished head and Intake manifold - Free
Iceman TB - $285
ATP Uppipe - $175
XSRFL BOV - $180
SS Map Clamp - $80
MSD Coil - $65
MPX Coil Pack Heat Shield - $20
Denso Iridium ITV22s W/8mm wires - $80
MPX 3" Exhaust - $750
TCC IC- $750
NX IC Sprayer -$525
JLM MMs - $210
Clutchmasters Stage III - $750
Mopar Stage III Coilovers - $1350
Perrin Rear Sway Bar - $180
SRT-4 Strut bar - $45
Autowerks rear strut bar - $125
EBC Drilled/Slotted rotors - $190
EBC Green Stuff pads - $120

Total Cost of Performance Mods $9496
Total Performance Mods - 26


Mopar STS - $110
Booger Bushings $20
MPX Polished shift Ball - $55
2 Guage Pillar Pod - $30
Autometer "SRT-4" Pyrometer Gauge - $175
Autometer "SRT-4" Oil Pressure Guage - $80
Autometer "SRT-4" 5" Tachometer - $300
Polished Extinguisher - $55
Radar dectector - $125
Alpine stereo - $250
Pioneer Door speakers - $100
Pioneer Dash Speakers - $60
Audiobahn Rear Speakers - $200
Kenwood 750watt Amplifier - $220

Total Cost of Interior Mods - $1780
Total Interior Mods - 14


Centerline Rotory Forged "Vantage" Series 18x7 (18lbs ea) - $1650
Fuzion ZR1s 225x40x18s - $400
Kosie K1 15x7 (10lbs ea) w/ MH 15x26x6 Slicks - $125
Kaminari KTRIII Carbon Fiber Wing - $600
MPX Carbon Fiber Foglight covers - $130
Aluminium IC front clip IC screen - $30
Aziatek Graphics - $50
BMW Marquis dual window tint - $250
RX300 Style Tails - $155

Total Cost for Exterior Mods - $3390
Total Exterior Mods - 8

Total Cost for everything - $14666 :frogtongu
Total Mods - 50

Wheeewww....That is alot of mods in a years time. My previous guestimate of $18000 was incorrect. Damn that took me an hour to figure out. As you can see I have spent all my money wisely on the car. Looks, performance, and handling makes for a very venerable SRT-4.

Just when I thought I was almost finished, I still have about $5000 more to go to complete my ride. I still need axels, Emanage/EO1, Injectors, Water Injection, Repaint front clip and fix dings, Front and Rear Prothane Bushing Kit, Front Sway Bar, LM-1 upgrades, rear drilled/slotted rotors, and more graphics and, and, and.......It never ends... :thumbsup:

So there you have it folks. How about yours?

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I did that once with my WRX and I almost cried. Built motor, bigger tirbo, fuel system, clutch, suspension, stereo, rims/tires, blah blah blah. Luckily with the SRT-4 I have just bolt on stuff so far. Maybe $2,500 including misc stuff like motor mounts and spark plugs.

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OMG Super Steve, toss some of that cash my way will ya!

Thats a ton of sheet!

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Man what do you do for a living? Sell drugs and kill bitches? :rofl: or whore yourself out to fat chicks? :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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uhh my mods Stage 1 and mopar bov and that about wraps it up for me. i think you got me beat by about $14,300. But if anyone wants to donate some mods or money so i can mod my car pm me i will be more than willing to accept it.

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Hey Super Steve, you wanna buy me some mods :lol:

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After reading your post I decided to go add up all my mods. Here is what I came up with:

XSRFL BOV W/Mounting Kit: $254
Perrin STS w/booshings: $195
HP MBC: $126
3in. Turbo Back Catless Exhaust: $350
3in. 02 Housing: $140
255 Fuel Pump: $95
AGP WGA: $150
EGT Gauge: $110
Water to Air Intercooler: $350
Dual Stage Water Injection: $300
P&P TB/Intake Manifold: $185
Installation for some of this stuff: about $500
Tax and Shipping: abuot $255

Grand Total: about $3,000.00

Not too bad. I'm about 40% done.

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my mod's.....umm, i have a 12lb battery, and that's it =p.

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See when you add up what you've spent, then especially with your performance, you can see if what you are spending is working for you.

In just engine/tranny mods alone ($6500), I've gained 170hp & 152tq. I also improved my times from [email protected] to [email protected] That's 2 second faster and 15mph more. As you can see, I carefully selected my mods to achieve the best results. Use this forum and guys like myself to get you there without wasting your money on mods that don't have established results.....

Keep the mods list coming. It's interesting to see what everybody has done...
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