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We had 4 SRT-4s last week, and we should have a great meet this weekend as well!

Also, rumor has it that a blue R34 skyline will be making an appearance this weekend, but it could be some jerkoff high schooler pulling a prank. Time will tell!

Directions: From the NE side, I take 59 S to Beltway 8 west. Take the last free exit, and go to the third (I think) light. That light should be veterans memorial. Follow Veterans memorial to 1960 and turn left. It is about .1-.2 miles on the left side (towards the Beltway) and shares a parking lot with an Old Navy.

Oscar's info:

Oscar's-North Oaks​
13837 Breck Street​
Houston TX 77069​

Oscars Creamery ,Neutral ZERO ,and Members of are very proud to present the Oscars Creamery Car Meet. The owner of OC has been kind enough to allow us to meet in his parking lot. He will not call police but for the privilege we have been given there are certain rules and things we need to respect.

1) No alcohol of any kind. Let us repeat: NO alcohol. No drugs will be allowed as well.

2) No repetitive revving engines or sounding your car horns.

3) No loud music. (please keep it at a low respectful level). Don't attract attention to yourself or others will do the same. Who wants the police to come responding to a complaint about loud music?

4) Please watch your speed as you enter and exit the parking lot from the street. Please be sure to pay attention to how you enter the exit the parking lot. Be alert at all times. Even if you are on the far side of the lot from the meet.

5) Please watch your trash. If you need to throw something away, please place in the dumpsters, trashcans or give it to the cleanup crew (if one is available) at the end of the meet (they should have trash bags). Do not leave trash on the ground.

6) There will be a diverse mix of cars and people. This environment is a friendly one. Automotive enthusiast drive many different kinds of cars,and come from many different back grounds. PLEASE RESPECT OTHERS.

7) No street racing at or near the meet or mixing races with the meet.This is a very fast way to lose the meet. We do not condone street racing. We ask you kindly not to do it ANYWHERE near the meet.

8) No burn/peel outs. No reckless driving No drifting or attempts to drift. We all like to show off are new toys,but please don't use that new turbo here.:)

9) Support the Ice Cream Shop to ensure a successful meet.! Bottom line is always money. If we help OC. They will ensure the meet will go on. Buy a small cone or tip the girls. Every little bit helps.

10) No scooters, skateboards or anything else that will allow you to quickly get in front of a moving vehicle which may end up causing injury to yourself and others.We all have fun hobbies. However some just don't mix well with cars.

11) If you want the police off your back, act like you have some sense and stay with in the meet location.


You are not a child, You are an adult or young adult. Please act like one. Otherwise, you are a loiterer and potential troublemaker for all of us.The meet is a safe haven from the police they will not interfere as long as we follow the rules
.If you have any questions/comments please PM BrentCRX On ,or contact any member of Neutral ZERO.

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Hey everyone, new to the site. I just purchased my SRT-4 recently and found this forum. I went to Oscar's today 10/22/04 to see when the meet is. He said they meet at around 9p.m. and that they are no longer sponsoring anything. Land lord said something about it but people are welcome to come and chat and if your interested in ice cream your more than welcome to come. How many people do show up on Sat. nights to meet? Who was all there last weekend? Well I live and work close so its easy for me to get there. If there is any other places let me know. Thanks.
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