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HKS SSQ Question..

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Ok my BOV got F*cked yesterday so I opened it up and noticed the black pieces had came apart. In this picture where the yellow arrow is pointing. The black plastic piece that keeps the air seal got messed up. It attaches to a plastic holder on the back.

Is this piece attached to the purple nipple you see in the middle or no? When I push the puple nipple in the black piece is lose, not by alot now, but lose. Is that fine or am I missing a piece???
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can anyone with this bov just push it the purple nipple with the back of a pen and see if the black part is seperate from the pipe or attached.
the black piece that says SSQ came loose?
JdM2UsDm said:
the black piece that says SSQ came loose?

Yea it was offset when I look at it. When I pushed in the piece it went sideways. Iwas like wtf. SO I opened it up and noticed a little black holder on the inside. It has 4 holes that the circular black piece that says ssq attachs to. So I used some crazy glue and attached it again. Its attached now nad sits fine, but when I push the purple nipple in, there is a small space. The black piece isnt attached and im wondering if there was another piece in there that might of came out. I just dont want to go through putting it back on and its still f*cked.

It just out of nowhere got messed up and was blowing all the time. That shit was loud. I mean sounded like a air can going off everytime i gave it some gas and my car was so slow. Holy shit
So what im asking is when you push in the purple nipple, is the black piece attached to it? or is the black piece seperate and is sealed by the purple nipple pushing pressure on it.
can anyone, look please..

Im putting the cold side on tonight.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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