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HKS bov and Hardpipes

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Where can I get an hks bov and hardpipe kit NOW. I called Modern and they dont have the pipes with the hks flange. I rather deal with a place I can do a call order. THanks
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HKS is on nation wide back order so have fun getting that BOV anytime soon!!!
The bov is no problem getting its the hardpipes with the flange which is the problem
I have 10 HKS BOV's in Stock tomorrow $340 Canadian Each
What about hardpipes anybody know If ED is out of them with the hks flange? Im able to buy the bov its just the pipes with the right flange.
No thank your sir I need both sides.
You don't absolutely need the lower pipe, although it's nice to have. I am just using a solid UPP w/HKS flange from AGP. I have a GT40 turbo, by the way.

The UPP from AGP is new. I don't even know if it's for sale to the general public yet. It's worth waiting for. It actually has a screwed in, sealed air sensor. Fuck that grommet/plug leaks or just falls out with real boost. This new piece is really holes for anything, just a single built-in sensor. I wouldn't buy anything else.
Well I just need both sides cause, I cut my hotside. I dont even see that product on AGP. Im trying to get a hold of Import-Palace for there kit but they never answer. I just need one asap
Hey dude-
Call up Willie at Custom Tubes(check vendor section for ph#) He has both the ss pipes with HKS flange. Talk to him, and he will take care of you. has lower and upper pipes, he can make them with the hks flange and amoung others. Try and hit forum index and scroll down to the vendors.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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